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To mark its 23rd year, which is as random as one expects from a  maverick creative group, Net#work BBDO is publishing a limited-edition book that examines the nature and process of creativity.

Meet the minds of 30 extraordinary creative leaders. Part of a celebrated South African ad agency’s mad#cap journey over the last 23 years, their roots were humbly ambitious yet insanely idealistic. They forged a very special culture at Net#work BBDO, outrageously yet responsibly on a mission to make a difference through the power of ideas. With a bit of luck, the magic of their mayhem over the years and on these pages unravels the inexact science of the bastard art we call Creative Direction.

All the proceeds from the sales of this book goes towards MAL Libraries. Spreading education across South Africa one library at a time.

Creative#Director Book

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