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The MakeALibrary project is one of MAL’s initiatives to germinate and spread across South African townships and disadvantaged communities the notion that under-resourced schools not only need libraries but beautifully designed ones. This proven, award-winning design module enables any corporate or brand or individual to make a real difference for the future, nurturing the next generation of young minds.

Over and above the proceeds from the MALshop, your extra donation will help fully realise the creation of a magnificent new library, completing the circle of creativity across generations and communities.

Imagine the potential to kickstart a whole new wave of great South African creative leaders?



  • If your purchase today is a donation, and not a product as well, automatic shipping costs will still apply at checkout! There are 3 possible workarounds:

    1. Factor these costs into the amount you'd like to donate (i.e if you want to donate R200 and the automomatic shipping costs are R100, then only use this donation tab to donate the balance of R100)

    2. If your shipping region allows, select the option to "collect in-store" - this will revert the shipping costs to R0

    3. Go to the MakeALibrary DONATION tab and follow the prompts, allowing you to donate via EFT rather than through the online store

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