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The unveiling of MAL's #14 Library for community schools. This latest library provides over 2,000 books to the 500 children of Cecil Road Primary School in Salt River, Cape Town. 

The new library is a sustainably-designed, colourful structure that will not only house books but also offer inventive, comfortable spaces for children to read and write. Designed to tell a story: providing a 2-way dialogue and extra stimulus or simply a brighter aesthetic for the community. “It’s about designing to draw kids in, to make them feel proud by association. A space that is as inspiring on the outside as it is in the books they read. So we created nooks and crannies, tunnels, windows, stairs and doors for them to explore through the colour-rich walls, to discover hidden letters and alphabetic structures. Hopefully changing their association with dimension and words, by showing them the magical world books can open up.”

Western Cape, Salt River, Cecil Road Primary, 2019

The MAL 

Salt River


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